A.C.T.S. Series

The ACTS Series was founded by past American champions of sport taekwondo, hence the name American Champions Taekwondo Series. The founders' goal is to provide an opportunity for athletes to hone their skills through elite competition and provide a training ground for Olympic hopefuls. That goal is achieved by promoting events that are highly organized, impartial and refereed by certified professionals.

The ACTS directors and tournament committee maintain a very high standard. It is a standard that all potential directors must maintain annually to qualify . The ACTS series is currnetly comprised of three core championships. They are the Kansas City Classic Taekwondo Championships hosted by Oren and Terry Gautreaux, the Tournament of Champions hosted by Eui Lee, the Northeast Iowa Taekwondo Championships hosted by Russ O’Connell, and the UTTC Championship hosted by Serapio Medina.

The ACTS Series awards overall champions in specific divisions at the Tournament of Champions. Athletes must participate in all three championships and place first through third. They are awarded points, 3 points for first, two points for second and one point for third place. The following are the award divisions:
  1. Four male and four female Black Belt sparring divisions, Fly, Feather, Welter and Heavy. These are combined weight divisions, check division sheets for actual weight
  2. One male and one female Black Belt form division.
  3. Five male and five female Black Belt sparring divisions, Fin/Fly, Bantam/Feather, Light/Welter, Light Middle/Middle, Light Heavy/Heavy, age 14-17.
  4. One male and one female Black Belt forms division, age 14-17.

Thank you for participating. We look forward to seeing you.